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Quality Photovoltaics & Solar Cleaning Technology

You want to avoid high income losses due to dirt on solar/pv panels?

You are searching for a technology partner who can support you with high quality solar cleaning equipment?

Welcome to suncleX Photovoltaics and Solar cleaning. As engineers, we have long term experience in the PV and Solar cleaning market and can support you with following services:

1. Photovoltaic and Solar cleaning consulting

2. Market overviews "cleaning products and technologies"

3. Sale and delivery of customized high quality cleaning equipment:

     a. small manual solar cleaning devices

     b. semi automatic solar cleaning machines

     c. solar cleaning trucks


Owners of solar power plants: Keep your panels clean!

Dirt on PV Panels can cause massive losses. Especially in areas with maximum sunshine and minimum rainfall, panels cannot clean themselves any more. This results in a constantly growing dirt layers and in massive income losses. Based on our long term experience, we recommend to take the dirt problem into serious consideration from the beginning. We can support solar-owners with different cleaning technology. For customized offers please contact us at 0049 - 8841 -9989058 or


Solar-(Service)-Companies: Start to offer solar cleaning services

Solar and Solar Service Companies have the opportunity to enter the PV Cleaning market with suncleX cleaning products . This enables those companies

  • to offer a great and very important service to solar owners,
  • to keep power plants in perfekt shape and customers happy,
  • to build up long term relationships with their customers,
  • to generate profits with an additional (service) income streams (actual cleaning price in Germany is around 1-3 €/ m² and we have around 160.000.000 m² of pv/ solar area in Germany)
  • to provide new jobs/ new operation areas for actual employees
  • and to participate in the worldwide solar market. 

Solar cleaning technology

The basis of all solar cleaning systems is purified water. This enables a cleaning process without chemicals and doesn`t leave any water prinkles/ chalck spots on the panels. The purified water is gernerate through spezial filter systems.

After purification, there are differnt cleaning possebilities, described in the following:

Manual systems for solar cleaning

Manual solar cleaning equipment

Manual systems include:

1. Mobile filter system for water purification

2. Water tubes

3. Teleskopic poles from 1meter up to 20meter

4. Static brushes where the water comes out


Manual systems are perfekt for solar power plants from 1 kW up to 100 kW (10m² up to 1000m²).



Rotation systems for solar cleaning

Solar cleaning, rotation brush, automatic solar cleaning

Rotation Systems for PV and solar cleaning include:

1. Mobile filter system for water purification

2. High-pressure cleaner

3. High-pressure tubes

4. Teleskopic pole or rolls

5. Rotation brush (Powered by water pressure)


Rotation systems are perfect for medium sized to large solar power plants (30kW - 5MW) as large areas can be cleaned in relative "short" time.


Special trucks for solar cleaning

Cleaning service trucks for photovoltaic and solar parks are the perfect mobile solution for large park areas. High tech cleaning technology is smartly combined and set up on a truck. This enables gentle but very efficient cleaning of large areas in very short time.

Have a look at our systems: VIDEOS



You are interested and need more information?

Please contact us:


suncleX Photovoltaics and Solar Cleaning

Benedikt Glück, Industrial Engineer and CEO


Tel.: 0049 (0) 8841 9989058


Rötelsteinweg 8

82441 Ohlstadt

Bavaria, Germany



Distributors wanted

We offer products that really help our customers. Therefore our business model started off really well in the German market. We see great potential in other countries and we want to grow beyond national borders.

Therefore we are in search for national distributors in the US, Spain, Portugal and France. (If your country is not mentioned here, but you see potential for solar cleaning products, feel free to contact us).


What we expect from our distributors:

  • Knowledge of the solar market in the specific country
  • Experience in selling high quality products and experience in the import business
  • The ability to fastly spread our product within the country and start sales
  • Business connections within the solar market would be advantageous


What we offer:

  • A working and tested business model that enables our distributors to participate in the renewable energy market
  • High quality solar cleaning products "Made in Germany"
  • Territory protection
  • Long term relationship after one year test periode
  • Good income possibilites
  • Sharing our knowledge in this field